Wavering Carbon Neutrality Claim in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

According to a recent study, FIFA and Qatar’s claims that the 2022 World Cup would be held in carbon-neutral conditions are “misleading” and need “creative accounting.”

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

According to Carbon Market Watch, despite claims that it would be the first football World Cup to do so, the event would not have a net-zero carbon impact throughout the course of its existence.

According to the researchers, the estimates “do not take into account significant sources of emissions.”

In a statement, the event’s organizers asserted that any assumptions about what they would do were “speculative and inaccurate.”

The organizers of the event unveiled details on how they planned to produce the first “carbon-neutral” FIFA World Cup in the tournament’s long history in September.

They reviewed the tournament’s short duration, the use of renewable energy in all eight stadiums, and the usage of solar power around the country throughout the World Cup.

According to FIFA, it has never been accused of “misleading its stakeholders.”

A spokesperson from the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC) told BBC Sport: “We are on track to organize a World Cup without increasing CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

“Following the World Cup, the method for calculating the carbon-neutral pledge was changed to one based on actual activity data. This method is now thought to be the most successful. This information will be made public, and any concerns raised will be addressed.

“No other country has worked so closely with its people to guarantee that a lasting legacy is left behind after a Fifa World Cup,” said one observer. “No country has ever done anything like this before.”

The report’s author, Gilles Dufrasne, believes that the promise of carbon neutrality “simply isn’t realistic.” He goes on to say that the data suggests that the emissions from this World Cup will be significantly higher than the organizers anticipated, and that the carbon credits acquired to offset these emissions are unlikely to help the environment.

Dufrasne, according to BBC Sport, stated: “It’s tough to say that the event had no carbon footprint. Even if the accounting is correct, this gives the impression that we can continue to have this big event every four years without causing environmental damage. That is not correct.

This misleads the general public and individuals attending these events on how they are. As a result, governments must tell the truth about how these events harm the environment by enacting emission-reduction measures and being open about the fact that these events are expensive. We need to talk about it openly and honestly.

According to the report, the emissions from the construction of new stadiums have been overstated. Seven of the eight venues were built from the ground up, while the eighth underwent extensive renovations.

It also casts doubt on the “credibility and independence” of a carbon credit system designed only for competitiveness.

The Supreme Court continued, saying: “The inevitable emissions generated during the event’s planning and execution will be offset by the purchase of globally recognized and verified carbon credits.

It’s important to remember that the Supreme Court opted to offset carbon emissions in an open, proactive, and responsible manner.

Fifa issued a study in June 2018 that estimated the 2022 World Cup may generate up to 3.6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, which is more than some countries produce in a year.

Montenegro, Iceland, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo all produced less than three million tonnes of CO2 in 2018, according to the International Energy Agency.

The following is a statement issued by the institution in charge of football worldwide: “Fifa is well aware of the economic, environmental, and social issues that mega-events raise. As a result, FIFA has been working to deal with these consequences and take opportunities to reduce the negative effects and enhance the good advantages of its iconic event.”

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