Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 in UK: TV Schedule, Channel, Live Stream

Whether you are traveling or living in the UK, there is a chance that you might wonder about how to watch FIFA world cup 2022 in the country. You have come to the right page since we are going to share you the ways to do it.

Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 in UK


How to Watch FIFA World Cup in the UK on TV?

Two of England’s three World Cup group games, including the country’s first match against Iran, will be airing in the BBC. If you have already subscribed to the particular services that provide the channel, you are good to go.


On November 27th, Spain will face Germany in a live BBC broadcast. Following the announcement of a favorable draw for the United Kingdom, Fifa announced the dates and timings of the remaining matches recently. To begin, England will play Iran on Friday at 1 p.m. (GMT).

England will attempt to win a World Cup match against the United States for the third time, following tied in 2010 and losing to the Americans in 1950. Make a note of November 25 at 7 p.m. GMT that the game will begin. The winner of the rescheduled European play-off will face England on November 29 at 7 p.m. GMT.


According to a new agreement among free-to-air broadcasters, ITV will transmit the second match between the Netherlands and the United States, as well as potential matchups in the round of 16 and quarterfinals.

According to reports, ITV had been given first dibs on key events to air in 2013. Terrestrial broadcasters have divided their audiences for major events since the 1960s. For most of the viewers in England, it is not a new thing to rely on ITV as the broadcaster of their favorite event.

ITV will also broadcast the match between the United States and Wales on November 21.

There will be four matches on the first day of the World Cup, November 21. The game between Senegal and Holland will air on ITV in the United Kingdom at 10 a.m. local time. You might want to tune into ITV if you are expecting the particular match.

Consider to hover to the official page of ITV to see the complete schedule of the matches.

FIFA World Cup 2022 TV Schedule in the UK

Note: Here is the Group Stage 48 match TV Schedule in the UK with kick-off time. We will update Round of 16 Schedule, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, 3rd Place Match and Final after the matchup

DateMatchKick-Off (GMT)Broadcaster
Monday, November 21Senegal vs Netherlands10 amITV
Monday, November 21England vs Iran1 pmBBC
Monday, November 21Qatar vs Ecuador4 pmBBC
Monday, November 21USA vs Ukraine/Scotland/Wales7 pmITV
Tuesday, November 22Argentina vs Saudi Arabia10 amITV
Tuesday, November 22Denmark vs Tunisia1 pmITV
Tuesday, November 22Mexico vs Poland4 pmBBC
Tuesday, November 22France vs UAE/Australia/Peru7 pmBBC
Wednesday, November 23Morocco vs Croatia10 amITV
Wednesday, November 23Germany vs Japan1 pmITV
Wednesday, November 23Spain vs Costa Rica/New Zealand4 pmITV
Wednesday, November 23Belgium vs Canada7 pmBBC
Thursday, November 24Switzerland vs Cameroon10 amITV
Thursday, November 24Uruguay vs South Korea1 pmBBC
Thursday, November 24Portugal vs Ghana4 pmITV
Thursday, November 24Brazil vs Serbia7 pmBBC
Friday, November 25Ukraine/Scotland/Wales vs Iran10 amBBC
Friday, November 25Qatar vs Senegal1 pmBBC
Friday, November 25Netherlands vs Ecuador4 pmITV
Friday, November 25England vs USA7 pmITV
Saturday, November 26Tunisia vs UAE/Australia/Peru10 amBBC
Saturday, November 26Poland vs Saudi Arabia1 pmITV
Saturday, November 26France vs Denmark4 pmITV
Saturday, November 26Argentina vs Mexico7 pmITV
Sunday, November 27Japan vs Costa Rica/New Zealand10 amITV
Sunday, November 27Belgium vs Morocco1 pmBBC
Sunday, November 27Croatia vs Canada4 pmBBC
Sunday, November 27Spain vs Germany7 pmBBC
Monday, November 28Cameroon vs Serbia10 amITV
Monday, November 28South Korea vs Ghana1 pmBBC
Monday, November 28Brazil vs Switzerland4 pmITV
Monday, November 28Portugal vs Uruguay7 pmITV
Tuesday, November 29Ecuador vs Senegal3 pmITV
Tuesday, November 29Netherlands vs Qatar3 pmITV
Tuesday, November 29Iran vs United States7 pmBBC
Tuesday, November 29Ukraine/Scotland/Wales vs England7 pmBBC
Wednesday, November 30Tunisia vs France3 pmBBC
Wednesday, November 30UAE/Australia/Peru vs Denmark3 pmBBC
Wednesday, November 30Poland vs Argentina7 pmBBC
Wednesday, November 30Saudi Arabia vs Mexico7 pmBBC
Thursday, December 1Canada vs Morocco4 pmBBC
Thursday, December 1Croatia vs Belgium4 pmBBC
Thursday, December 1Japan vs Spain7 pmITV
Thursday, December 1Costa Rica/New Zealand vs Germany7 pmITV
Friday, December 2Ghana vs Uruguay4 pmBBC
Friday, December 2South Korea vs Portugal4 pmBBC
Friday, December 2Serbia vs Switzerland7 pmITV
Friday, December 2Cameroon vs Brazil7 pmITV

How to Watch World Cup live stream Online in United Kingdoms?

You could also live stream online in the UK, without having to use large TV or cable.
Here are the apps that you can use.

BBC iPlayer

The BBC iPlayer, which is a free internet streaming service, gives users access to all live and on-demand programs produced by the BBC. The following television channels are a part of this package: Access to BBC News, BBC One, and BBC Radio 1 is available through the platform. BBC iPlayer is available on the net and on your compatible devices.


The broadcaster has stated that the new streaming on-demand service known as ITVX has been operating in 2022 and will eventually take the place of ITV Hub.

Later on in this year, the content now found on ITV Hub and BritBox will be available through ITV’s new streaming platform, ITVX. The ITV Hub will continue to function normally for users during this interim period.

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