Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 in Canada: TV Schedule, Channel, Live Stream

Every four years, the world’s largest sporting event draws people together. Football. You may watch football or soccer in the United States. Given the state of the globe, the state of streaming, and the geographic location of the 2022 World Cup, it’s reasonable to ask how you’ll watch it in Canada.

The country that wins the most men’s matches in Qatar over the next four years will be crowned global champion. Rookies will get the chance to compete against seasoned veterans. A few individuals will be surprised. Prepare for the unexpected.

The World Cup is being staged at a beautiful stadium in Qatar, this year’s host country. In that country, the average November temperature is around the mid-eighties, making November a rather warm month. Instead of being staged in the summer, the 2022 World Cup will be taking place in the northern hemisphere on the eve of winter. However, due to the fact that this is Qatar, anticipate it to be hot.

On Sunday, November 21, the first match will begin at 5 a.m. ET (Qatar is seven hours ahead of the US East Coast and ten hours ahead of the US West Coast). The Final game will be happening on Sunday, December 18 at 10 a.m. ET.

The World Cup will be broadcast live and on demand in over 100 countries, including Canada. Where and how can I watch the FIFA Club World Cup 2022 in Canada? You will find the answer here right now.


How to Watch the Soccer World Cup 2022 in Canada on TV?

How to watch FIFA world cup 2022 in Canada

Starting at the scheduled time, you can watch the action live on TSN GO. TSN’s online streaming service is available only on TSN. Do you already have a TV bundle that includes TSN? You may see all of TSN’s programming by selecting the appropriate plan for your requirements and paying a single, reasonable subscription. The pass enables the purchaser to 24 hours of TSN viewing time.

For the time being, you can acquire the solution by contacting TSN. The 2022 FIFA World Cup matches will commence at across all TSN platforms, including the TSN Network,, the TSN App, and the direct-to-consumer TSN Direct.

Besides TSN, you could also view some matches through CTV. The mobile app allows you to watch content on mobile web browsers, cellphones, tablet computers, and attached televisions.

The other broadcaster is RDS which covers the matches in French language.

FIFA World Cup 2022 TV Schedule in Canada

Note: Here is the Group Stage 48 match TV Schedule in Canada with Start time. We will update Round of 16 Schedule, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, 3rd Place Match and Final after the matchup.

DateMatchStart Time (EST)TV Channel
Monday, November 21Senegal vs Netherlands05:00 amTSN
Monday, November 21England vs Iran08:00 amTSN
Monday, November 21Qatar vs Ecuador11:00 amTSN
Monday, November 21USA vs Wales02:00 pmTSN
Tuesday, November 22Argentina vs Saudi Arabia05:00 amTSN
Tuesday, November 22Denmark vs Tunisia08:00 amTSN
Tuesday, November 22Mexico vs Poland11:00 amTSN
Tuesday, November 22France vs TBD02:00 pmTSN
Wednesday, November 23Morocco vs Croatia05:00 amTSN
Wednesday, November 23Germany vs Japan08:00 amTSN
Wednesday, November 23Spain vs TBD11:00 amTSN
Wednesday, November 23Belgium vs Canada02:00 pmTSN
Thursday, November 24Switzerland vs Cameroon05:00 amTSN
Thursday, November 24Uruguay vs South Korea08:00 amTSN
Thursday, November 24Portugal vs Ghana11:00 amTSN
Thursday, November 24Brazil vs Serbia02:00 pmTSN
Friday, November 25Wales vs Iran05:00 amTSN
Friday, November 25Qatar vs Senegal08:00 amTSN
Friday, November 25Netherlands vs Ecuador11:00 amTSN
Friday, November 25England vs USA02:00 pmTSN
Saturday, November 26Tunisia vs UAE/Australia/Peru05:00 amTSN
Saturday, November 26Poland vs Saudi Arabia08:00 amTSN
Saturday, November 26France vs Denmark11:00 amTSN
Saturday, November 26Argentina vs Mexico02:00 pmTSN
Sunday, November 27Japan vs TBD05:00 amTSN
Sunday, November 27Belgium vs Morocco08:00 amTSN
Sunday, November 27Croatia vs Canada11:00 amTSN
Sunday, November 27Spain vs Germany02:00 pmTSN
Monday, November 28Cameroon vs Serbia05:00 amTSN
Monday, November 28South Korea vs Ghana08:00 amTSN
Monday, November 28Brazil vs Switzerland11:00 amTSN
Monday, November 28Portugal vs Uruguay02:00 pmTSN
Tuesday, November 29Ecuador vs Senegal10:00 amTSN
Tuesday, November 29Netherlands vs Qatar10:00 amTSN
Tuesday, November 29Iran vs United States02:00 pmTSN
Tuesday, November 29Wales vs England02:00 pmTSN
Wednesday, November 30Tunisia vs France10:00 amTSN
Wednesday, November 30TBD vs Denmark10:00 amTSN
Wednesday, November 30Poland vs Argentina02:00 pmTSN
Wednesday, November 30Saudi Arabia vs Mexico02:00 pmTSN
Thursday, December 1Canada vs Morocco10:00 amTSN
Thursday, December 1Croatia vs Belgium10:00 amTSN
Thursday, December 1Japan vs Spain02:00 pmTSN
Thursday, December 1TBD vs Germany02:00 pmTSN
Friday, December 2Ghana vs Uruguay10:00 amTSN
Friday, December 2South Korea vs Portugal10:00 amTSN
Friday, December 2Serbia vs Switzerland02:00 pmTSN
Friday, December 2Cameroon vs Brazil02:00 pmTSN

How to Watch World Cup live stream Online in Canada?

If you are not up to see the spectacle on your TV, you could watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 live stream in the country.

TSN Direct

TSN Direct provides access to all five TSN channels as well as unique bonus streams for important sporting events via computer, mobile device, Apple TV, Samsung SmartTV, or Xbox One. TSN Direct is available for viewers in Canada. Consider to visit the official page to reserve your option.

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