Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 in Australia: TV Schedule, Channel, Live Stream

Qatar 2022 is only a few months away. Football fans in the Middle East will have to wait until November to see any play due to the current heat wave. If you’re a avid soccer fan or just want to witness the world’s best players compete, check out the information below on how to watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Australia.

Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 in Australia

How to Watch FIFA World Cup in Australia on TV?

SBS has reserved exclusive rights to broadcast the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Back then, Optus Sports’ streaming issues were annoying during their coverage of the 2018 World Cup. With the commencing of SBS as the broadcaster, we hope everyone will be able to watch football’s biggest event, with Australian supporters coming out on top.

The current media order will be upended when SBS becomes the official broadcaster of the FIFA World Cup in 2022. This implies that the most popular football platform will no longer be available at Optus Sport. SBS will carry live coverage of all 64 Qatar World Cup games, including the championship final. The good news: it is completely free of charge. Eight live matches are shown simultaneously on SBS VICELAND.

SBS account creation is simple and does not necessitate any financial details. You may access the vast bulk of the SBS library’s material by clicking “SIGN IN/CREATE AN ACCOUNT” at the top of the SBS site and completing the appropriate information.

Keep in mind that SBS On Demand live streaming service is only available in particular area. If you are overseas, you might be experiencing a blackout. Consider using VPN if you are out of the country.

FIFA World Cup 2022 TV Schedule in Australia

Note: Here is the Group Stage 48 match TV Schedule and Kick-off time in Australia. We will update the Round of 16 Schedule, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, 3rd Place Match and Final after the matchup

DateMatchTime (AEST)TV Channel
Monday, November 21Senegal vs Netherlands09:00 pmSBS
Tuesday, November 22England vs Iran12:00 amSBS
Tuesday, November 22Qatar vs Ecuador03:00 amSBS
Tuesday, November 22USA vs Wales06:00 amSBS
Tuesday, November 22Argentina vs Saudi Arabia09:00 pmSBS
Wednesday, November 23Denmark vs Tunisia12:00 amSBS
Wednesday, November 23Mexico vs Poland03:00 amSBS
Wednesday, November 23France vs TBD06:00 amSBS
Wednesday, November 23Morocco vs Croatia09:00 pmSBS
Thursday, November 24Germany vs Japan12:00 amSBS
Thursday, November 24Spain vs TBD03:00 amSBS
Thursday, November 24Belgium vs Canada06:00 amSBS
Thursday, November 24Switzerland vs Cameroon09:00 pmSBS
Friday, November 25Uruguay vs South Korea12:00 amSBS
Friday, November 25Portugal vs Ghana03:00 amSBS
Friday, November 25Brazil vs Serbia06:00 amSBS
Friday, November 25Wales vs Iran09:00 pmSBS
Saturday, November 26Qatar vs Senegal12:00 amSBS
Saturday, November 26Netherlands vs Ecuador03:00 amSBS
Saturday, November 26England vs USA06:00 amSBS
Saturday, November 26Tunisia vs UAE/Australia/Peru09:00 amSBS
Sunday, November 27Poland vs Saudi Arabia12:00 amSBS
Sunday, November 27France vs Denmark03:00 amSBS
Sunday, November 27Argentina vs Mexico06:00 amSBS
Sunday, November 27Japan vs TBD09:00 amSBS
Monday, November 28Belgium vs Morocco12:00 amSBS
Monday, November 28Croatia vs Canada03:00 amSBS
Monday, November 28Spain vs Germany06:00 amSBS
Monday, November 28Cameroon vs Serbia09:00 amSBS
Tuesday, November 29South Korea vs Ghana12:00 amSBS
Tuesday, November 29Brazil vs Switzerland03:00 amSBS
Tuesday, November 29Portugal vs Uruguay06:00 amSBS
Wednesday, November 30Ecuador vs Senegal02:00 amSBS
Wednesday, November 30Netherlands vs Qatar02:00 amSBS
Wednesday, November 30Iran vs United States06:00 amSBS
Wednesday, November 30Wales vs England06:00 amSBS
Thursday, December 1Tunisia vs France02:00 amSBS
Thursday, December 1TBD vs Denmark02:00 amSBS
Thursday, December 1Poland vs Argentina06:00 amSBS
Thursday, December 1Saudi Arabia vs Mexico06:00 amSBS
Friday, December 2Canada vs Morocco02:00 amSBS
Friday, December 2Croatia vs Belgium02:00 amSBS
Friday, December 2Japan vs Spain06:00 amSBS
Friday, December 2TBD vs Germany06:00 amSBS
Saturday, December 3Ghana vs Uruguay02:00 amSBS
Saturday, December 3South Korea vs Portugal02:00 amSBS
Saturday, December 3Serbia vs Switzerland06:00 amSBS
Saturday, December 3Cameroon vs Brazil06:00 amSBS

How to Watch World Cup live stream Online in Australia?

SBS has served as Australia’s national public broadcaster. According to the network’s stated goals, it would “provide multilingual and multicultural radio and television services that inform, educate, and amuse all Australians.”

This service is known as SBS On Demand. This service enables Australians to watch additional SBS programming for free. Thousands of TV series, documentaries, movies, sports, and news programs are available.

Streaming provides multimedia material in a continuous stream. Instead of waiting for videos to download, viewers may be able to see them straight now.

SBS On Demand streaming video is completely free. There is no monthly subscription fee or other cost associated with this service. Furthermore, it is adaptable. You may watch a show as many times as you like, however some episodes and films have time limits. SBS and production firms have agreed to limit their ability to display videos.

When you click on a video, it starts playing. There are TV shows, movies, sports, and more live TV choices accessible.  SBS On Demand offers live streaming of SBS programming including FIFA World Cup 2022.

To use SBS On Demand, users must first register a free email account. You may now queue and subscribe to streams using SBS On Demand’s brand-new account system.

When the event happens, hover to this page

Through that page, you will be able to watch the games for free. Consider to take this opportunity if you are traveling or living in Australia when the World Cup 2022 event happens.

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